The Retail Whore Podcast

Absolute MUST and absolute LOVE.

I cant remember how I came across this podcast but it was like an angel came from heaven and said I know you need this…here🤣
Been in retail for years and I dont really have a lot of friends in retail and I LOVE to talk retail, fashion - all of it…needless to say I’ve been lonely 😂. Also it so wonderful to know I’ve been doing things right or what I haven't been I now know how to get right. ALSO!! Im opening my own boutique, after years of doing it for everyone else, and this has been so helpful!!!
The opening music gets me excited, the chat is super interesting, never boring, Michelle is funny and engaging! The guests are all people that have real experience, in the real world AND I love how they sometimes share how they did it wrong first. Anyway! If you love retail this podcast is great!!! I look forward to listening to it as I work on my space to turn it into a store!

Feb. 9, 2022 by Fergus leave that food alone on Apple Podcasts

The Retail Whore Podcast