Nov. 3, 2021



We are always impressed with our guests who have built a successful side hustle and Robin Molan is no exception!

A lawyer since 1995 practicing in high conflict family litigation and child welfare and overwhelmed with the heaviness of the profession. Robin decided in 2003 to start selling jewelry. She started with a total of $1500 which back then meant she could buy 3-4 lines. Robin went to showrooms in NYC and had no idea what things like net 30 or open to buy or Xfactory meant. What she did know was people liked her eye. Gradually she added some gift items and boxed graphic tees. Jewelry was becoming very competitive and she’d grown up going with her mom to homes and hotel rooms where ladies sold clothes. So in 2007, she decided to fly West to LA for market because she had a feeling she’d see new and fresh items that weren’t on the east coast. By 2008 she was selling clothing mostly and some girlfriend gifts. She would sell at holiday boutiques and charity luncheons and out of a home studio. It was the fun and light side to a heavy job. She continued practicing as a lawyer and eventually went into non-profit child welfare management but still continued with her business. She traveled to LA, NY, Vegas, Atlanta to find the freshest trends in clothing and gift. Robin expanded and at one point had the concession in 3 salons, a website, and Instagram - an over-extended one-woman show! When COVID came along everything changed. She pulled out of her final salon, all events were canceled and she definitely had to pivot. She rode the mask and mask chain sales, sold athleisure wear.

Take a listen as Michelle does a deep dive with Robin on her incredibly inspiring journey!