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This podcast is 🔥🔥

If you have a boutique or brick & mortar shop and you haven’t been listening to this podcast- start today. Michelle has such a fun personality, and she is a total genius when it comes to ALL things retail. She will have you laughing and wanting to run to your store to implement a million changes, all at the same time. So many takeaways on every episode!

So good! So good!

I love the variety to speakers Michelle finds for The Retail Whole Podcast, her topics are so broad, yet everything is relevant to the industry. It's a must listen!! Thank you for stepping into this passion!

OMG - my people! 🙌🏼

Michelle is seriously my kinda people. Her combination and humor, knowledge, and keeping it real is exactly what I need in business and life. Love how Michelle is a true supporter of the retail and creative community. Highly recommend!!! 🔥🔥🔥

Absolute MUST and absolute LOVE.

I cant remember how I came across this podcast but it was like an angel came from heaven and said I know you need this…here🤣 Been in retail for years and I dont really have a lot of friends in retail and I LOVE to talk retail, fashion - all of it…needless to say I’ve been lonely 😂. Also it so wonderful to know I’ve been doing things right or what I haven't been I now know how to get right. ALSO!! Im opening my own boutique, after years of doing it for everyone else, and this has been so helpful!!! The opening music gets me excited, the chat is super interesting, never boring, Michelle is funny and engaging! The guests are all people that have real experience, in the real world AND I love how they sometimes share how they did it wrong first. Anyway! If you love retail this podcast is great!!! I look forward to listening to it as I work on my space to turn it into a store!

Life Changing

The Podcast has seriously changed my life. There’s so many experiences that are shared and the are all valuable. I run an online store and do pop ups here and there and the knowledge really applies to both types of my business models. I have also learned a lot about other industries and how their experiences are different and the same.

Keep them coming!

Came upon this podcast through my Instagram feed and I absolutely love it!! The stories and conversation flow make it really enjoyable during my morning drive. I have recommended to some friends and they love it, as well. Have added to my podcast library and will continue to listen.

Love this podcast!

First episode in and already hooked. It was so great to hear Michelle’s journey in retail. I’ve been following her on social media and love her behind the scenes of all things retail. She lives up to her bold name she has chosen for her podcast. And that’s Michelle - she commits and jumps in, I admire her and can’t wait to hear the rest! Boutique owner - Kelly Epstein

Cant wait for the next one

Knowing Michelle for over 5 years, I’ve learned so much about her past. It’s funny, informative and full of advises which I can apply to my store right away. Thank you and please keep making this Podcasts Michelle.

A peek into the world of retail

One episode in and I’m hooked. Michelle is a great storyteller which is perfect because the art of retail is really about being a storyteller.


I was so excited for the launch of this podcast. As luck would have it, I had an errand to run that was a good car ride away. The plan was to listen to the first episode while I headed down the freeway. I am now sitting at my desk listening again because it was so filled with content you can use your going to need a notebook for it. Congrats Michelle and thanks for some great advise!!!