March 30, 2022



This week’s guest is Nathan Waldon, Founder of Everything for Nathan & Co. After a bazillion plus years of product development for the big guys, nothing ever scratched his retail itch like opening his own eponymous shops. He doesn’t really know how to describe the satisfaction he gets, but he can tell you it's true and beyond satisfying. His advice to young entrepreneurs is to do it, but do it smartly. In April they celebrate 16 years of sweetness - OR is that sweet sixteen?  We were so thrilled to interview Nathan and we are sure you will feel the same once you listen to this episode!

In the words of Nathan...Whichever way of saying it - being a retail whore is ok. Be proud. But, be smart. There's nothing like retailing through a pandemic (or a financial collapse in 2008) to give you some wits about your business. Be grateful for tough times. Learn. Savor. Make a plan.

This week’s episode is brought to you by Fine Lines Company, a west coast wholesale rep agency with showrooms in LA, Las Vegas and Seattle. Fine Lines represents over 50 fabulous gift, fashion + home lines.



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