Aug. 31, 2022


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Lindsay Foster is a personal development junkie with a passion to share her stories of retail, recovery, and resilience with everyone in her life.  Lindsay is a student of the industry and began her days of retail in Coeur d' Alene Idaho at the age of 15 while working alongside her Mother at the Original Penny Candy Store. Lindsay went on to study Sociology at Brigham Young University- Idaho after which she received her license in Cosmetology.  As a young adult Lindsay battled with a disease that became debilitating and nearly stripped her of her life’s potential. With the support of her family, friends and therapy, she overcame her disease and is now 12 years into recovery. Lindsay's life blossomed at the start of her recovery. She has spent the last decade leading growth in the stationery and gift industry and is currently the VP of Retail Sales at Denik. Lindsay's hard work and leadership has awarded her the nomination of Top Women in Sales in Utah in 2022. 

Lindsay lives in the Avenues, a quaint neighborhood in Salt Lake City with her Husband and her life's joy, son Noah. (4).

On this episode, Michelle & Lindsay chat about company culture, personal development journeys and her recovery, her first job delivering papers, cosmetology & what led to her current job at Denik, an artist driven stationery company. After listening to this interview, it is clear why Lindsay was nominated for Top Women in Sales in Utah in 2022!