In 2022, Energy Muse is *the* crystal authority. But when co-founders Heather Askinosie and Timmi Jandro first started Energy Muse over 20 years ago, it was with just one necklace.

Heather, who had been traveling the world in the name of spiritual research for some time, had turned her Manhattan Beach home into a makeshift energy lab where she could test ancient holistic philosophies. She began tinkering with a formula to create the energy of wealth.

By combining the crystal energy of Jade, ancient Chinese symbolism and numerology, she created an “energetic equation” that she would later call the Prosperity Necklace. Heather gave 10 samples of the necklace to 10 of her most skeptical friends, including Timmi, who had been one of her best friends since the single digits. She asked everyone to wear the piece for 10 days and report back on their experience. Timmi had worked as a merchandiser in the garment industry for 12 years and knew how to get a product into mass production. As one of Heather’s many energy experiment guinea pigs, Timmi knew firsthand how effective energy work could be: she received an unexpected job offer while wearing her necklace for 10 days.

Take a listen as they discuss their journey in creating Energy Muse, the importance of helping people empower themselves and providing people with everything they need to create positive shifts in their energy & life. Everyone can have a success story of their own: simply let the crystals be your muse.

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