This week we are thrilled to introduce to you Jane Park of Tokki (https://shop.tokki.com/), a company on a mission to ignite joy through gifting. They combine thoughtful technology with beautiful, reusable designs to make every gift unforgettable.

Michelle & Jane, a consumer tech entrepreneur, delve into family, her father’s incredible story as a young immigrant from Korea, to her building the online first beauty brand Julep, and to ultimately creating Tokki with her friend & tech genius Taylor Hoit.

This week’s episode sponsored by Sales Producers, a progressive business to business company representing Gift, Lifestyle, Fashion, Personal Care, & Kids lines selling to retail stores with a mission to create long lasting, profitable relationships by adding significant value to our Customer, Vendor, and Team partners. For more information, check out our social media or website http://www.salesproducersinc.com/