Allison Carter and Catherine Hildner were two strangers who connected at a conference, turned into business besties, and a few years later saw a gap in the product based business space and decided to take action to fill it. In addition to the two businesses they run individually, Allison and Cat are the founders and hosts of Ultimate Product Party (UPP for short!). UPP is a 2-day creative conference that serves product based businesses. Allison and Cat create a unique experience and space for the product based business owner where they can connect with other like-minded small business owners who are looking to grow, scale, and make more money! UPP is definitely not your average biz conference- it’s a business meets FUN party, full of action focused education, and immediate takeaways for attendees to apply to scale.

Take a listen as Michelle circles back with Allison & Cat to discuss what people can expect at UPP for 2023! Tickets are halfway sold for the event May 17-18, 2023 in Nashville, so don’t wait and get your ticket now here (https://www.ultimateproductparty.com/tickets)!

Website: https://www.ultimateproductparty.com/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ultimateproductparty/