With the new year upon us, what better time to begin managing your inventory more effectively. Larry Hebert is the creator of the (, a proprietary inventory management template designed to ensure every retail business manages their purchases effectively through crucial metrics including sales, cost of goods sold, beginning inventory, inventory turns, creating a base inventory and product category management tied to their sales relative to overall revenue generated. This was developed over a seven-year period and has been instrumental in the turnaround and success of retail businesses implementing this into their purchasing strategies.

Bryce Root’s #1 goal is to empower local business owners across the San Francisco and Monterey Bay Area regions + beyond. Helping small businesses is at his core since he left the corporate world of global ad agencies, sports marketing groups and large-scale retail & entertainment destinations and he’s been fired up and actively pursuing this mission for 9 plus years via his advocacy, private practice + work with several of the nation's top-performing Small Business Development Centers (

Michelle, Larry & Bryce drill down the benefits of why every retail store should be running reports, managing their inventory and how OpentoBuy can help. At a cost of less than $50, you can't afford not to down! Download this episode and start your journey to becoming a RETAIL ROCKSTAR!